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American Education Services Complaint - AES: Poor Business - Student Loan
American Education Services Complaint

American Education Services Complaint


AES: Poor Business - Student Loan

Here's a good story. I took out a student loan with AES in August 2007 to finish my BSN in nursing.

In May of 2009, I received a statement with a balance of $2467.34 due by June 12th 2009. My payments would have started at that time also and they were going to be $25.38 per month. I decided to pay this amount in full, so on June 10th, 2009, I paid AES the balance of $2467.34 in one full payment. The payoff was the same day, as I have confirmation with my bank. A couple of days later AES sends me a bill with another balance on it of $25.38. When I called AES, the rep informs me that the balance on the first statement was not actually a balance and gave me some story of how that was just an amount that they put on the statement (who knows).....blah blah blah. When I informed the rep that I had paid the balance in full and that I didn't owe any more she became hateful and I just informed them that I would not be paying the other amount then I hung the phone up. Since then I have received numerous phone calls and letters from AES stating that I still owe them money. Now the amount is $25.13. I even recieved a letter from someone in the main office stating that I still owed the $25.13, she gave me numerous equations on how her company came up with the amount of $25.13 and then they started sending statement again with a balance of $25.13.....I'm assumming if I pay this amount then I will again be told that I owe additional moneys and they will send me another so called statement that is not actually a statement. I commend this person on her Arithmatic abilities but I feel she is lacking in her English skills as she does not know the meaning of BALANCE due. She may have missed that day in class when she needed to know the meaning of BALANCE. Maybe she should look it up in a dictionary. I am sick and tired of this company and I have saved every piece of statment and letter sent to me. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General Office.

This company has 411 complaints filed against them in the last 36 months and over 100 in the last year with the BBB. We should all boycott this company.

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Simplicitywins says: (7 years ago)
I have yet to meet anyone who has anything good to say about AES. If you are viewing this page of reviews before having a loan serviced by AES, then I urge you to find one that isn't. Honestly, this company has very poor customer service, slow processing times, & unfair terms; for example, even while being full-time in school, AES refused to defer my loans. Not to mention, the interest rate % is high for student loans.

AES may be a loan servicing company - servicing loans for banks. However, they are truly only serving themselves. I understand all companies are self-serving at their most basic level (in order to make money one must have profit), but AES does it without caring for their customers at all, & certainly not about the education said customers are trying to acquire.

Eliza29 says: (8 years ago)
In response to anonymous "Why in the hell do you people go to college? Do you not realize that Aes is an American Education Servicer.. Meaning they service student loans for banks. To break it down for you even more they handle the dirty work that you people signed a contract for the bank. So, when you are looking at the bal of your loan, you must call in for a paid in full amt, because your interest accrues daily. All college federal loans accrue daily! Before you bitch and complain about aes not helping you or you cannot pay your bill, why don't you get your Master Prom Note out and read the terms and conditions of your loan before you start blaming aes. Aes is not going to go anywhere just because you can't take full responsibility of your loan. They are protected by the government."

You are an idiot. I am a law student and AES & SIM Associates have both been successfully sued REPEATEDLY. AES has blatantly put erroneous and derogatory information on my credit report regarding late payments when, YES BY THE TERMS OF MY LOAN AGREEMENT, my loan hasn't even come due yet. I'm glad to know that AES hires idiots like yourself because frankly none of you have a clue.

KitchinLegal says: (8 years ago)
I had the same experience, essentially. But I am a class action lawyer. I'd like to hear about how your experience turned out.


dddlll says: (8 years ago)
AES periodically charges me late fees. They are not printed on my bill and I only caught them when I checked my bill online. I pay more then is due every month. I amd very curious how many of these random late fees they charge me. I called today and after holding for 20 minutes the rep still couldn't explain why I was charge a late fee. He also couldn't remove it either. I really think they are scamming people and I hope some lawyer starts a class action lawsuit. I don't even care if I get the money back. these people are stealing from all of us and they need to be stopped.

Nick18r32 says: (9 years ago)
We need to get a class action lawsuit against this company. I have written to the AG and BBB with nothing in return. My credit has been ruined and I don't know how to go about with this problem. Anyone interested in doing a lawsuit with me against this company please contact me at Nick18r32@yahoo.com

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